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2014 Winter Hike – Pedestal Rocks

We went to Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area Saturday.  It was cold and it was windy, but the scenery was amazing.   There are two trails at the scenic area – Pedestal Rocks and King’s Bluff.  We hiked the 2.2 mile Pedestal Rocks trail.  Below are a few pictures from the hike.  Click on any of them to see the gallery.


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Sit With You Awhile

This song goes along with the “Forever Family” post.

Sit With You Awhile

D G 
Verse 1:
D                            G
When I cannot feel, when my wounds don't heal
        Em         G           D
Lord I humbly kneel, hidden in You
Lord, You are my life so I don't mind to die
        Em           G         D
Just as long as I am hidden in You

                 D              G                       D
If I could just sit with You a while, if You could just hold me
               A                   G                D
Nothing could touch me though I'm wounded, though I die
                 D               G                  D
If I could just sit with You a while, I need You to hold me
              A           G            D
Moment by moment, 'till forever passes by


Verse 2:
D                               G
When I know I've sinned when I should have been
        Em         G           D
Crying out my God and hidden in you
Lord I need you now, more than I know how
        Em           G         D
So I humbly bow, hidden in you
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Long Pool Hike

The water fall wasn’t running very well today, but the weather was perfect for hiking.  Some trees are showing color as well.  Click on any of the pictures to see more photos from the hike.

Long Pool Fall – there wasn’t much water running, so the fall is a bit anemic.

Good conversation – enjoying the scenery

Large boulders in Big Piney Creek at the Long Pool campground



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