Please join us! We want you to be a part of Second Baptist Church’s Collegiate programs. Check out the calendar for scheduled events.

The purpose of our collegiate ministries is to provide an opportunity to experience God in a life changing way. Our goal is to do this through:

Proclaiming the absolute truth of the Gospel and responding to it’s transforming power.
Worshipingthe living God,

Exploring what it means to be a self-denying, cross-carrying, Christ-follower,
Serving God by allowing Him to reach a lost and dying world through them.

Weekly opportunities include:
Small Groups 9:30 AM Led by Jason & Becca Selby: SELBY-JASON-47
Worship 10:45 AM
::Sunday Night::
Worship 6:00 PM
2ndEpoch 7-8:00PM
::Wednesday Night::
College Bible Study 6-7:15PM
Adult Choir Rehearsal 7:30-8:30PM

2nd Epoch at 7 is a dialogue for college students to wrestle with living out their faith in a cynical and skeptical world. In addition to these weekly opportunities, there will be other events such as retreats, monthly mission opportunities in conjunction with Arkansas Tech University Baptist Collegiate Ministry, and an annual Spring Break mission trip.

We also provide college students (and any others who are in our area temporarily) to join 2nd’s membership by Watchcare. This allows you to serve at 2nd (no voting rights) and keep your home membership.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions,

Jonathan Whitlock
Associate Pastor, Minister to Students and Missions Ministries